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Advent & Christmas Music Fund

Contributors to the
Advent & Christmas Music Fund

(as of January 4, 2021)

$2500 and above

Karen G. Milton
Win & Mary Rutherfurd

$1000 and above

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Califano
Lara, Alex, Cassie, Maria, and Joe DeVera
Peg & Kevin Kelly
Letty Moss-Salentijn
In memory of Claude Pehowski

$500 and above

In honor of Philip Anderson
Mary Beth Buck
The Daliana Family
Anne Izzillo
Marja Lutsep & Michael Halloran
In honor of Rev. Walter F Modrys, SJ
Melinda & Bill vanden Heuvel

$100 and above

The Barnett Family
Dr. John J Belmonte
In memory of Diane Joan Bennack
Lynn Terreri Blackstone
Karen Brown
Maryann & Andy Bugas
Mary Ann Callahan
In memory of Ralph & Claire Cascella
Barbara Charles
In memory of Quinn Coleman
In memory of Peter Collins
In honor of Susan Brenner Collins
Neil Coughlan
In loving memory of John P. Curtin & Ann D. Curtin
Louise Decatrel
The Docil Family
The Droesch Family
Katherine & John Drummond
In memory of Dorothy & Harold Fitzgibbon
In memory of the deceased members of the Franklin/Manning Families
Trevor Freeman
The Fremont-Smith Family
In loving memory of Mary Ann & Vincent Haley
John & Barbara Harrington
Fr. Michael Hilbert, S.J.
Sophia Hudson
Eric and Bernadine Iversen
Kimberly Jovanovic
Helen Jugla
Jean Junker-Schmidt
In memory of Adam and Sophie Jurumbo
In memory of Kate & John Kelleher
Dennis A. Klejna
Paul & Danielle Klyap
Mary Claire Lagno
Barbara A. Lee
Nancy E. Loesch
Florence Long
William & Gladys Lyman
The Marcusa Family
Kathleen McCormack
Kevin & Simone Vinocour McKeever
Sarah Mies
Thomas & Lisa Newell
Laura Pancucci
The Passavanti Family
Erin Pick and Robert O'Donnell
In memory of John & Nora Reilly
The Skarzynski-Scheuerman Family
The Skolnik Family
Jo-Una Spadafora
George Spera & Jane Ginsburg
Marnell Stover
Renate Vieth
Kathleen Werner
Daniel & Kristen Williams
Karin & Bob Wiseman
Diane M. Zola

Gifts of $100 and above are listed.
We are also grateful for gifts received after January 4, 2021. Thank you to all!