From the Pastor: January 8, 2023

Jan 6, 2023

Dear Parishioners,

Happy New Year!

I am delighted to report on the progress of the work of the Action Plan Committees whose task is to lay the foundation for the implementation of the Parish Vision Statement.

The week before Christmas I met with the four committee chairs who provided a status report of their respective committees. As you will recall, the four committees, reflecting the key components of the Parish Vision Statement, are: We Welcome All, We Worship With Joy, We Walk With Those in Need, and We Reverence God In The Wonder Of Creation.  Each chair commented both on the enthusiasm and the heartfelt commitment of all the members of the committees to the task before them.

In the Fall of this year, I will share with you the recommendations of each committee. They will be the starting point to the road map that will offer practical ways for us to implement the vision that we share as members of this parish and joyful disciples of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to have our actions reflect what we profess as a Catholic, Jesuit parish in the context of today’s world.

Let us continue to join in prayer for the success of the discernment process in which the Action Plan Committees are now engaged. May all that we, as church, do now and in the future redound to the greater glory of God and the salvation of all humanity.

Sincerely in the Lord,
Fr. Yesalonia