Concert Series Circle

Concert Series Circle Contributors

(as of May 25, 2021)

Seraphim $10,000+


Cherubim $5,000-$9,999

Patrick Benjamin Denihan, Jr.

Archangel $2,500-$4,999

Angel $1,000-$2,499

Shelley M. Brown, M.D.
Michael & Dudley Del Balso
William Lynch
Greg Swalwell & Terry Connor

Benefactor $500-$999

In honor of Philip Anderson
Ignace De Keyser
Jean Junker-Schmidt
Melvin Moss, in loving memory

Patron $250-$499

Margery Daley & Lewis White
Julie A. Flanagan
Gina MacArthur

Sponsor $100-$249

Howard Feldman
In honor of Joseph Flannery
Martha Hess
In memory of Vincent Lehenyi
David Lerner & Lorren Erstad
Mary Ann Luciano
Leslie Scott
Judith W. & Mary A. Vaughn Williams
Fumiko & Mark Wilk
John Yakubik

Friend $50-$99

Susan Brenner Collins
Svetlana Katok

Gifts of $50 and above are listed.
We are also grateful for gifts received after May 25, 2021. Thank you to all!