Contributors to the Christmas Flower Fund

(as of January 4, 2023)

Mrs. Darel Agresta
Mr. Gordon Allen
In honor of:
Walter Gordon Allen
Martha Genevieve Allen
John Burke
John Knelange

Mrs. Skye Angioletti
Dr. Janet Arribas, D.O.
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Astorga
Ms. Jennifer Balch
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bonanno
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bosek
Geraldine Hayes and Clifton Bradley
In honor of Jonathan Bradlley

Dr. Nagi Bustros
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Carnwath
Mrs. Robert L. Cahill
Mrs. Mary Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. James Coffey
Mrs. Cynara Crandall
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard DeLuca
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Benamin Denihan, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Dew
Radost Kandeva-Dimitrov & Emil Dimitrov
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Droesch
Mr. Fred Duck
Mr. Timothy Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Esoff
Mr. and Mrs. Flavio Figueiredo
Mr. and Mrs. John Frawley
In memory of Jack and Catherine Frawley
In memory of Maureen and Dan O'Connel
In memory of Joseph and Geraldine Klein
In memory of Bob and Barbara Frankhauser

Mrs. Patricia Grant
Ms. Rita Keller
Ms. Patricia Hammarth
In honor of my parents

Ms. He-Qing Huang
Ms. Florence Johnson
In memory of deceased members of the James W. Johnson Family
Mr and Mrs. James J. Johnson
Ms. Victoria Kess
Mr. Dennis Klejna
In memory of Sylvester and Eleanor Klejna

Mrs. Elizabeth LaBlanc
Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. LaGratta
In honor of the LaGratta family

Ms. Jaime Lavin
Mrs. Harriet F. Leahy
Mr. Michael Leahy
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Leness
Mrs. Loida N. Lewis
Donna Edbril and Thomas Lopez
Mr. John McGoldrick
Mr. Gerald M. Meistrell
Ms. Doreen Mole-West
In honor of Dominic and Caroline Caputo

Dr. Letty Moss-Salentijn
In memory of Melvin L. Moss

Mr. and Mrs. Jay E. Moyer
In honor of Fr. William Bergen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mullen
In honor of:
Bridget Butler
Nick Arroyo & Millie Milagros
Grandparents Mullen
Grandarents Mydosh

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Tom T. Newell
In honor of:
Theresa Farrugia
Eric Farrugia

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Newman
Ms. Noreen Okarter
Mr. and Mrs. John A. O'Malley
Francesca Bellu and Vincenzo Polsinelli
Ms. Anne Marie Purdy
Abigaiand Jared Quigley
Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr.
Dr. Sanuel Ruder
In honor of:
Luigi & Maddalena Sciamcalepove
Teresa & Onofrio Allegretta
Pasqua Minervina
Josephine Ruder

Mary Ellen Galea and John R. Salony
Mr. and Mrs. Alessandro Saracino Fendi
Dr. Michael Seitz
Mr. Gregory Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Weinhoff
In honor of:
Catherine & Ed White
Katherine & Dominick Walsh
Helen & Christopher White
Arthur & Florence Weinhoff

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Weinhoff
In honor of Catherine White, Catherine and Dominick Walsh, Helen and Christopher White and Christy, White, Walsh, Duffy, Sherdan and Weinhoff Families

Mr. and Mrs. John Stack
In honor of John Stack, Mary Stack, Michael McCaffrey, Margaret McCaffrey

Ms. Susan Herold
In honor of John Herold, Peggy Herold, Bob Herold, David Herold

Ms. Michelle Lederer
In honor of Jean & Richard Dysewsju, L. Russell Lederer, Selma & Red Lederer

Dr. Letty Moss-Salentijn
In memory of Melvin L. Moss, In honor of Philip Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Trieste
In honor of Virginia Trieste, William Trieste

Mr. Russell G. Piccione
In honor of Jean and Joseph J. Piccione

Ms. Victoria Kess
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Johnson
Dr. Lee Ann M. Klausner

Mr. Dennis A. Klejna
In honor of Eleanor and Sylvestor Keljna

Mrs. Patricia Grant
Dr. Janet J. Arribas, D.O.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Eremin
In honor of Antoinette Mantione

Ms. Elizabeth Meyer
Ms. Mary M. Clarke
Mr. and Mr. Anthony Lucarelli, II
Mr. and Mrs. John Frawley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Galasso
Mr. Gerard M. Meistrell
Ms. Ava King

In memory of Matthew and Frances Dwyer

Cynara Crandall
Mary Keating

Margaret Finn
In memory of Luke Finn

Ms. Jennifer Sescon
Mr. Peter Barba