“Music must take rank as the highest of the fine arts—as the one which, more than any other, ministers to the human spirit.”
Herbert Spencer

We worship a God of infinite facets and variety, and we endeavor to reflect that through our music. From the calm, centering liturgies with organ and cantor, anchored by great hymns of the faith, to the joyful cacophony of the Wallace Hall Family Mass, the grandeur and majesty of the Solemn Mass, and the conscientious blend of traditional and contemporary styles at the Sunday 7.30pm Mass, we pray with many musical forms.

Our seven choirs and ensembles are fluent in everything from Gregorian chant, Renaissance and Baroque motets, and modern classics to gospel, folk, and pop styles. Whatever your musical and liturgical preferences, we are confident that you will find a home with us.

Music at Weekend Masses

Saturday 5:30 PM: Cantor and Organ
Sunday 8:00 AM: Organ
Sunday 9:30 AM: Cantor and Organ
Sunday 11:00 AM (Solemn/Livestreamed): Cantor, Choir of St. Ignatius Loyola, Organ
Sunday 11:00 AM (Family Mass): Cantor, Piano, Percussion
Sunday 7:30 PM: Cantor, Canticum Sacrum, Piano, Organ

Whatever your musical or liturgical preference, we invite you to join us, and trust that you and your family will find a spiritual home with us. We offer music at all of our weekend Masses.

To the Lamb on the Throne

Featuring the Choir of St. Ignatius Loyola; K. Scott Warren, conductor; Omega Dance Company; Daniel Beckwith, organ.