Mission and Values

Parish Mission Statement

The love of Christ impels us to welcome all,
to worship joyfully and pray fervently,
to walk together with those in need,
and to reverence God in the wonder of Creation.

Rooted in our Catholic faith and values, and also, as a Jesuit Parish, we practice the art of Ignatian Spirituality–a spirituality for everyday life. It shows us how God is present in our world and active in our lives. It is a pathway to a deeper journey in prayer, good decisions guided by keen discernment, and an active life of service to others.

This deeper journey in prayer leads to a strengthened personal love for Jesus and discernment of finding God in all things. Ignatian spirituality calls us to focus on the stirrings in our heart, the use of imagination in prayer, the discernment and interpretation of feelings, and the cultivation of great desires and generous service.

Moved by our intimacy with Jesus, we are called to serve others in our Church, in our neighborhood, in our nation, and in the world. Pedro Arrupe, a former General Superior of the Jesuits, calls those formed in Ignatian Spirituality “men and women for others.” It is a call to service with a deep commitment to social justice and a radical giving of oneself to others.

It is in and through our community of faith that we receive the graces needed to persevere and grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is through Ignatian Spirituality that we are woven into a tapestry of “contemplatives in action.”

Vision Statement Implementation Plan

With the publication of the Vision Statement Implementation Plan, we now begin the task of bringing to life the vision that we have for our parish.

The path before us will not always be easy, but by embracing the implementation plan as a shared responsibility, together we will succeed in creating the paradigm of what it means to be a parish church in the 21st century. We will taste and see the joy of discipleship.

Our goal is praiseworthy. It is easily within our reach if we work together. Please join us in this endeavor to bring greater glory to God through the ways in which we live and celebrate what it means to be parishioners of the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola.

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Parish Vision Statement

The Parish Vision Statement reflects a labor of love—love for the Church, love for our parish, love for our natural environment, and love for the people we are called to serve as disciples of Jesus Christ. This vision of what our future could look like brings our mission statement to life, wraps it in flesh, provides a rhythm for its heartbeat, and calls us to follow a path to a new paradigm of Church.

The Vision Statement is essentially an invitation to liberate ourselves from the comfort of simply conforming to habits of the past and to open our minds and hearts to new ways of being Church. This vision challenges us to embrace the future by responding to the crucial, compelling, and complex circumstances of today’s world.

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Laudato Si' Action Platform

In his encyclical, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis called upon the world to care for our common home, the planet that we share with all God’s children. It is both an individual and communal responsibility.

As the first formal action to be taken since publishing the parish’s implementation plan, the parish has adopted the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, a program of initiatives developed by the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

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Our Apostolic Priorities as a Jesuit Apostolate

The worldwide Society of Jesus, whose members are Jesuits, has identified four vital areas of apostolic endeavor for the current decade ending in 2029. They are:

  1. SHOW THE WAY TO GOD through the Spiritual Exercises and discernment.
  2. WALK WITH THE EXCLUDED—the poor, the outcasts of the world, those whose dignity has been violated—in a mission of reconciliation and justice.
  3. JOURNEY WITH YOUTH by accompanying young people in creating a hope-filled future.
  4. CARE FOR OUR COMMON HOME by collaborating for environmental protection and renewal of the Earth, God’s Creation.

With these universal apostolic preferences, we resolve to concentrate our vital energies during the next 10 years, 2019-2029.” — Father General Arturo Sosa, S.J., February 19, 2019