East 84th Street Elevator

Mobility Assistance

The church, Parish House, and Wallace Hall are accessible for those with limited mobility.

An elevator on East 84th Street between Park and Madison Avenue provides access to the floor level of Wallace Hall and to a level platform leading to the side door of the church.

The floor level of Wallace Hall features a wheelchair-accessible bathroom.

The Parish House ramp provides access to the main level of the rectory.

Hearing Assistance

An Audio Induction Loop is installed in the church, which allows those with a hearing aid equipped with a T-COIL to connect automatically with our sound system if you are seated within the Loop area of the church; there is no need for you to use the headsets available in the rear of the church.

The Audio Induction Loop area is located on the high pulpit side of the church and is confined to the first twelve pews. The area can be identified by the gray rubberized strip on the floor at the end of each row of pews.