To experience a deeper expression of faith, St. Igantius Loyola invites parishioners to partake in the Liturgical experience. If you desire to be an altar server, Eucharistic minister, lector, or minister of hospitality, there is a welcome place for you at St. Ignatius Loyola.

Please contact the Parish House at 212-288-3588 for more information about serving in this ministry.

Altar Servers

Altar servers help the entire community in their prayer and worship of God by assisting the priest at Mass. The care and attention altar servers show to their ministry add to the reverence and beauty of our liturgies. An Altar Server must be 12 years old or in 7th grade.

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Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharist allows us to participate more deeply in the Paschal Mystery, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, inviting us to conform our lives to Christ’s. Just as Christ gave himself on the cross to save humanity from sin, we, as Eucharistic Ministers give generously of ourselves to serve all those who come to the table of God’s love.

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It is through the Lector that the living Word of God becomes present in the midst of the community gathered for worship. By their reverence in proclaiming the Scriptures, they nourish us through God's living Word, who consoles and challenges us each time we dare to listen.

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Ministers of Hospitality

Christian hospitality draws people together, opens them to participation, and sets the tone for the liturgy. Ministers of Hospitality are the welcoming faces that greet parishioners and visitors to St. Ignatius Loyola as they enter the church for Masses of Concerts.

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