Wallace Hall


8000 Sq. feet

Maximum Capacity

250 Seated
900 Standing

Located below the main level of the Church is Wallace Hall, built in the 1880s as a lower Church and auxiliary chapel and renovated in 1990. The magnificent atrium retains the beauty of its original Gothic design. The Park Avenue entrance leads through a stone archway into a soaring vaulted ballroom, interspersed with stone columns rising to the 30-foot ceiling. Colorful stained-glass windows (backlit at night) adorn the Hall on three sides, and the stage at the far end is made of intricately carved solid oak. The design of the terrazzo floor, suitable for dancing, subtly suggests the rows of pews from long ago. The stage is fully equipped and the hall is air-conditioned with a modern kitchen, restroom facilities, and a sound system, suitable for a variety of events including fundraisers, wedding receptions, cocktails, buffet, and formal banquet-style dinners for 100 to 900 guests.

A versatile space, Wallace Hall is also popular for use as a venue for special art exhibitions, auctions, cultural performances, business and sales conferences, lectures, workshops, auditions, and film shoots.

Overall features and dimensions:

The stage is well-suited for concerts, lectures, performances, with steps on both sides of the stage for convenient access. It has track lighting, removable railings at the front, and a piano available for rental.

The sound system consists of a speaker podium, 2 independent wireless microphone systems, and a CD and Tape player

The kitchen is well-suited for the preparation of hors d'oeuvres, and the warming and serving of full meals. There is a warming and preparation space, a stove with two ovens, a microwave, sinks, a large refrigerator, an institutional coffee maker, and an optional kitchen extension with the use of screens.

“Since 2012, Congregation Or Zarua has enjoyed using Wallace Hall on sacred occasions. Our association with the Wallace Hall management, as community partners, is an important component of making our interaction work so well. We have been extremely fortunate to have developed a positive and supportive relationship with the facilities coordinator and staff. We hope to continue using Wallace Hall after COVID-19 has gone its way.”

Rabbi Scott N. Bolton & Diane Okrent, President, Congregation Or Zarua