Tuesday Night Book Group | Saturday Midday Retreat: Talk on Saint Padre Pio

Join members of the Tuesday Night Book Group on a Saturday Midday Retreat in Manhattan to hear a one-hour talk on Saint Padre Pio (1887-1968), the Italian Franciscan Capuchin friar, priest, and mystic famous for his balance of compassion and "tough love," and for his insistence on hope-filled prayer, passionate love of the Eucharist, and devoted hearing of Confessions for many hours […]

St. Luke’s Call Team

Gonzaga Meeting Room 980 Park Avenue, New York, NY, United States

Are you a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, pharmacist, or other healthcare worker looking for a community? Then, we invite you to join our community of prayer, discussion, and faith sharing. Please RSVP to [email protected] if you plan to attend.

Tuesday Night Book Group: Saturday Midday Retreat

Join the Tuesday Night Book Group on a Saturday Midday Retreat in Manhattan to hear two 30-minute talks on The Union of the Intellect and the Heart by Fr. James Brent (Ph.D., St. Louis University) of the Thomistic Institute's popular "Aquinas 101" series and Fr. Bruno Shah (Ph.D., Notre Dame) of Providence College.  From 1-3 PM, we will be led in […]

Parish Women’s Faith Group


The Parish Women's Faith Group is composed of women who want to deepen their experience of God’s presence in their lives. Meetings are characterized by a willingness to share experiences and insights in an atmosphere of discovery and respect. If you would like to participate, please contact Adele Gallo at [email protected] to request the Zoom link. […]

Meeting Christ in Prayer


Wednesdays, September 27th to November 15th Registration closes Monday, September 25th. Are you longing for a deeper relationship with God through Christ? Is your childhood way of relating to God insufficient now that you are an adult?   If you answered yes, please join us in Meeting Christ in Prayer. Meeting Christ in Prayer is […]


Scripture Class: The Sage and the Skeptic – Proverbs and Ecclesiastes 

Zoom & Parish House

How does one live well while finding peace, meaning, and contentment? Ancient Israel’s wisdom handbook, Proverbs, sought to answer these questions, while the book of Ecclesiastes articulated skepticism about Proverbs’ traditional theology. Course presentations and discussions will explore the history, interpretation, and wisdom in these divergent, fascinating texts. Brian B. Pinter, Pastoral Associate, will present. […]