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Lent & Easter Music Fund

Contributors to the
Lent & Easter Music Fund

(as of May 25, 2021)

$1000 and above

In loving memory of Carlos Cuartas
In memory of Nathan J. Davidson
The Doty Family Foundation
Letty Moss-Salentijn
In memory of Claude Pehowski
In loving memory of Otto Siegwarth

$500 and above

Michela Daliana
In honor of all the musicians -Kevin & Peg Kelly
Karen G. Milton
In honor of Rev. Walter F. Modrys, SJ
Terry O'Connell
Carol Sorrenti
Judith & Mary Vaughan Williams

$100 and above

Anonymous (3)
Mary K. S. Ashcroft-Donoso
Marlene Baumann
Gwendolyn Blackstone
Mary Brunelli & Chris Edgar
Joseph A. Califano, Jr.
Mary Ann Callahan
Patrick Carr
Barbara Charles
For Carlos Cuartas from the RCIA
Louise J. Decatrel
Nirvana L. Beale Dilio
The Droesch Family
John J. Drummond
Hugh Eddy
In memory of Dorothy & Harold Fitzgibbon
In memory of Joseph P. Flannery
Rita Gazarik
Federico Gilly
Sam, Karen & Travis Guzzardo
John & Barbara Harrington
Susan Herold
Fr. Michael Hilbert, S.J.
Rosario Johanek
Kimberly Jovanovic

$100 and above, cont'd.

Helen Jugla
In appreciation for the choir and music program. -Michael J. Leahy
Barbara A. Lee
Florence Long
The Lowe Family
In loving memory of William & Gladys Lyman
In loving memory of Virginia McCarthy
Kathleen McCormack
Anne McCorry
Mary Ellen McEvily
In loving memory of our dear father, Richard McKeever, & mother, Marian Vinocour
Mary K. Meyer
In loving memory of John P. Murnion
The Neveling Family
Anne Marie Paine
Elizabeth Parrilli
Erin Pick & Robert O'Donnell
In loving memory of my mother, Marie Rotzinger
In Michael Sheetz' name -Louise Rozos
Thank you to Michael Sheetz -Maryanne Schwaller
Tom & Meg Sheridan
George Spera & Jane Ginsburg
Marnell & Rick Stover
Gladys Thomas
Renate Vieth
Roberta Vrooman
Kathleen L. Werner
William Werwaiss
Marc K. Wilk
Karin & Bob Wiseman
Charles J. Wolfe
In loving memory of my parents, Kathleen & Walter Zola
Diane M. Zola

Gifts of $100 and above are listed.
We are also grateful for gifts received after May 25, 2021. Thank you to all!