Advent & Christmas Music Fund

Contributors to the
Advent & Christmas Music Fund

(as of December 29, 2021)

$5000 and above

Ben & Barbara Denihan
The Gordon Fund
Win & Mary Rutherfurd

$1000 and above

In memory of Michael Joseph Beiser
In honor of Family Dahmen-Brocks
In memory of Nathan J. Davidson
Lara, Alex, Cassie, Maria, & Joe DeVera
In loving memory of Rita Mary Marczak Frame from The Rustum Family
In memory of Thayer Fremont-Smith
In loving memory of Mercedes Hernandez de Gualdoni
In memory of Carlos Cuartas from Jim O'Connor
James O'Connor
In memory of Opa
In loving memory of my father Philip Pancucci
Joseph Stilwell
William F. Werwaiss

$500 and above

In honor of Philip Anderson
Mary Ann Callahan
In loving memory of John & Alice Fullam
Michael G. Halloran
Sarah W. Johnson
Mary F. Leheny
The Vinocour McKeever Family
In honor of Rev Walter F. Modrys, S.J.
Carol Sorrenti
Mark Snow

$100 and above

Roberta Adams
In honor of Philip Anderson
Anonymous (2)
James Stepleton & Betsy Ashton
In memory of Michael Beiser
In memory of Diane Joan Bennack
In memory of Frances A. Browne
Barbara J. Charles
In memory of Quinn Coleman
In loving memory of Jose & Victoria Coronel
In loving memory of Ann D. & John P. Curtin
John J. Drummond
Ellen Fasano
Howard Feldman
In loving memory of Dorothy & Harold Fitzgibbon
Mary A. Flannery
In memory of Rita Frame (2)
Rita Gazarik
Grant Gillespie
George Spera & Jane Ginsburg
Kevin Grose
In memory of Mary Ann & Vincent Haley
Pat Hammarth
Karen & Joseph Hansen
Fr. Michael Hilbert, S.J.
Patricia A. Hogan
Eric & Bernadine Iversen
Rosario Johanek
Colleen Jones
Kimberly Jovanovic
Helen Jugla
In memory of Quentin & Lorraine Kane
In honor of Fr. Jim Keenan, S.J.; by Carl F. Kraus, M.D.
Anne Kelly
My great appreciation for Michael Sheetz & Bobby Reuter! from Pamela Kenny
Dennis A. Klejna
Danielle & Paul Klyap
Anne Marie Kunz
Harriet F. Leahy
Harriet & Michael Leahy
In honor of LGBT Catholics & Friends (2)
The Lowe Family
In loving memory William & Gladys Lyman
Vanessa M. Marquez
Margaret Maruschak
Maureen C. McCarthy
In honor of Melvin L. Moss
Martin G. Murray
Felicitas Neveling
Dennis & Roseline Michael Neveling
Erin Pick & Robert O’Donnell
Elisa Sarno
Eric & Jennifer Scheuermann
In loving memory of Beatrice Bourbon Scott-Hansen
In honor of Rachel Sheehan
In honor of Michael Sheetz
Carol Sorrenti
St. Ignatius Loyola Jesuit Community
Marnell Stover
Madonna M. Sullivan
Shane & Sarah Tintle
Renate Vieth
Roberta Vrooman
In appreciation of K. Scott Warren
With special thanks to Scott Warren for his patience & generosity. From Max & JY Coupin
Kathleen L. Werner
Judith E. & Mary A. Vaughan Williams
Kristen & Daniel Williams
Sofia, Lucia, Violetta & Teddy Zambetti
Diane M. Zola

Gifts of $100 and above are listed.
We are also grateful for gifts received after December 29, 2021. Thank you to all!