Advent & Christmas Music Fund

Contributors to the
Advent & Christmas Music Fund

(as of January 4, 2023)

$5000 and above

The Hon. Maryanne Trump Barry
Martha Pascual

$1000 and above

Anonymous (2)
In loving memory of the Brocks-Dahmen Family
In loving memory of Kathy Fullam Giacomini
Karen G. Milton
Letty Moss-Salentijn
William F. O'Brien, Jr.
Carla M. Pehowski
In loving memory of my parents Ambrosio Valero II & Esperanza Valero

$500 and above

Janet J. Arribas, D.O.
The Barnett Family
Daniel Beckwith
Kim Bepler
James E. Buckman
Mary Ann Callahan
John J. Entwistle
Claudio Garcia
Virginia & John Gildea
Lisa, Luke, & Robert Guida
Michael G. Halloran
For our Mom, Jennie Izzillo, spending her first Christmas in heaven & her love of music,
Merry Christmas. Her daughters, Anne, Theresa, Bernadette & Carmela.
In loving memory of Joseph & Anne Jasin
Sarah W. Johnson
Helen Jugla
Dr. & Mrs. Kevin V. Kelly
In memory of Leslie & Walter Kernan
In memory of Cathy McGoldrick
In honor of Rev. Walter F. Modrys, S.J.
In loving memory of Philip Pancucci
Ada Peluso & Romano I. Peluso
Ellen Playford
Raphael M. Russo
In memory of Alice & Winthrop Rutherfurd
In honor of K. Scott Warren
In honor of K. Scott Warren & music staff of St. Ignatius Loyola
K. Scott & Julie Kenyon Warren, in honor of the choirs, cantors, & music staff
Boniface A. Zaino
Salvatore Zizza

$250 & above

In eternal honor of Patrick Andretta & his beloved wife Dr. Helen Andretta
Anonymous (2)
Marta Baez
Dick & Diana Beattie
Debra Berg MD
Mary Chisholm
In loving memory of Peggy & Charlie Clarke
Michela Daliana
In loving memory of John Delaney
In loving memory of Theresa Delaney
In loving memory of Mary Dennehy
The Droesch Family
In memory of Suzanne S. Feldman & Marjorie L. Parmer
Ms. Sandra Fiebelkorn
In memory of the deceased members of the Franklin/Manning families
John Frawley
Jon & Betsy Griffiths
Marilou & Russell Horn
In memory of Eugenie Jones
Carol M. Kendrigan
In loving memory of Lois & Joseph Klein
Thomas F. Marx
In loving memory of Virginia M. McCarthy
In loving memory of Peg & Tom McNamara
In loving memory of Marcella & James O’Malley, & Malcolm O’Malley
In honor of the Parish Community Choir & Canticum Sacrum
Debbie Reuter
Jennifer & Eric Scheuermann
In loving memory of my mother Beatrice Bourbon Scott-Hansen
Carol Sorrenti
George Spera, Jr.
The Tintle Family
Lawrence & Sheila Toal
In loving memory of William Edward Trieste & his beloved wife Virginia Andretta Trieste
The Vinocour McKeever Family
In loving memory of my parents Rosemarie J. & Daniel E. Ward
In recognition of K. Scott Warren
Fumi & Marc Wilk
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Williams
Judith E. Williams
Susan Wilson
In honor of Father George Witt S.J.

$100 and above

Fred Abi-Hassoun
Sharon Abruzzo
Skye Angioletti
Anonymous (9)
In memory of Michael Beiser
In loving memory of Richard Belanger
Dr. John & Mrs. Hiroyo Belmonte
In loving memory of Diane Joan Bennack
Gwendolyn Blackstone
Karen T. Brown, MD
Chris Brunt
Walter Buck
Dorothy Carey
Barbara J. Charles
Joseph Conklin
Neil Coughlan
Jean-Yves Coupin
In memory of Carlos Cuartas
Alma E. Cuervo
In loving memory of John P. & Ann D. Curtin
Ignace De Keyser
In loving memory of my grandmothers, Anne DeAngelis & Anna Carusone
Joey Docil
John J. Drummond
In loving memory of Theodore & Golda Duncan
In loving memory of my mother, Theresa Farrugia / Lisa & Thomas Newell
In loving memory of Dorothy & Harold Fitzgibbon
Daniel Foxx
Harriet Friday Leahy
In loving memory of George, Gloria, & Georgia Ann Gearty
Sam & Karen Guzzardo
In honor of Patricia Hammarth
Karen & Joseph Hansen
Geraldine Hayes
In loving memory of Wolfgang A. Herz
Bill & Mary Herzog
Fr. Michael Hilbert, S.J.
David & Patricia Hogan
Leslie Isenegger
Eric & Bernadine Iversen
Kimberly Jovanovic
Svetlana Katok
Susan E. Keappock
Julia Kearney
In loving memory of my parents, Kate & John Kelleher
Dena Kleiman & David Clossey
In memory of Karen Krueger
Mary Claire Lagno
Barbara A. Lee
Florence Long
In loving memory of my father Donald Joseph Lough
Mary Ann Luciano
In loving memory of William & Gladys Lyman
Michael A. Marquez
Margaret Maruschak
Maureen C. McCarthy
Kathleen McCormack
Peggy Peschell in loving memory of Lois McFeeley
Desmond McGowan
Mary Meyer
The Michalik Family
The Miller-Murphy Family
Barbara A. Morris
In loving memory of John P. Murnion
Sarah Murray
In memory of Opa
In loving memory of Nancianne Parrella
Stephen M. Pastores
In honor of Philip Anderson’s years of service as Cantor at St. Ignatius Loyola
Russell G. Piccione
In loving memory of parents & grandparents / V. Polsinelli & F. Bellu
Adrienne Quirolo
Mathilde Raczeck
Maureen Reidy & Christopher Reidy Ortiz
Richard W. Reilly
In memory of members of the Rung and McAndrews families, David & Patricia Rung
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. James F. Ryan, & James F. Ryan, Jr.
In loving memory of our parents & nephew / Meg Galea & Jon Salony
In loving memory of the deceased members of the Scheuerman & Skarzynski Families
Anthony Serafino
The Skolnik Family
John Sorrenti
In memory of Cecil & Ann Spadafora
St. Ignatius Loyola Jesuit Community
In memory of Dr. Stanley Stilwell
Marnell Stover
Gladys Thomas
Michael Tierney, II
David Vincent
Roberta M. Vrooman
In memory of Margaret Ward
The Werner Family
Edward Wesneski
In honor of Fr. Yesalonia
Sofia, Lucia, Vita & Teddy Zambetti
Chad & Wendy Zepeda
Diane M. Zola

Gifts of $100 and above are listed.
We are also grateful for gifts received after January 4, 2023. Thank you to all!