Lent & Easter Music Fund

Contributors to the
Lent & Easter Music Fund

(as of April 4, 2024)

$5000 and above


$1000 and above

Geoffrey Bible
Shelley M. Brown, MD
In loving memory of Kathleen Fullam Giacomini / Maureen Fullam
Virginia & John Gildea
In memory of Donald Melanson
In loving memory of Melvin L. Moss / Letty Moss-Salentijn
Carla M. Pehowski

$500 and above

In loving memory of Steve Bepler
James E. Buckman
Claudio & Renata Garcia
Robert & Lisa Guida
In loving memory of Adam & Sophie Jurumbo / Elaine Jurumbo
In memory of Leslie & Walter Kernan
In memory of Kevin G. Manning & Gregory S. Franklin / Brian J. Manning & Christopher E. Franklin
In memory of Cathy McGoldrick / John McGoldrick
In honor of Rev Walter F. Modrys S.J. / Joanne Cunneen
Leslie Puth
Raphael M. Russo
In memory of Alice & Winthrop Rutherfurd
In memory of Alice Rutherfurd Gong
The Schulte Family
Alexander & Ashley von Perfall
William Werwaiss & Debra Berg
Salvatore Zizza

$250 and above

Anonymous (3)
Colleen & Bill Ambrose
Anonymous (3)
Marta Baez
Daniel Beckwith
James & Jackie Bingham
Joseph A. Califano, Jr.
Mary Clarke
In loving memory of Senter Cawthon Crook II, Janie Williams Peete Crook, & Jere Lawrence Crook Jr. / Dr. Jere Lawrence Crook III
The Droesch Family
In loving memory of Wolfgang A. Herz / Anya Shiva
In memory of William W. Hewitt, Jr.
Fr. Michael Hilbert, S.J.
Michael Johanek & Rosario Conde-Johanek
James Johnson
Helen Jugla
Paul & Laura Kane
Kevin & Margaret Kelly
Young Lee & Matthew Schottenfeld
In honor of Fr. Mark's kindness in arranging Creede & Racheal Caldwell's wedding / Jill Caldwell
The Michalik Family
Liz O'Brien
William F. O'Brien Jr.
In loving memory of Opa / Christine Meyer
The Skolnik Family
In loving memory of Madeline Sorrenti / Carol Sorrenti
Mr. George T. Spera & Mrs. Jane C. Ginsburg
Shane & Sarah Tintle
In memory of Isabella & Anthony Torna
In loving memory of my brother Warren who was born on Easter / Virginia Verwaal
In recognition of K. Scott Warren
Joseph Wayland & Patricia Verrilli
Daniel & Kristen Williams
Karin & Bob Wiseman

$100 and above

Fred Abi-Hassoun
Fred Abi-Hassoun
Anonymous (7)
Barbara & Anton Balbona
In honor of Fr. Bergen / Patricia Hammarth
In gratitude for Rev. William Bergen, S.J.
Gwendolyn Blackstone
Mary Ann Callahan & Peter Kennedy
Jane T. Campbell
Barbara J. Charles
James & Geraldine Coffey
Alma E. Cuervo
In memory of Martin Cullen / Andrew Herrera
In loving memory of John P. & Ann D. Curtin
Louise J. Decatrel
Geraldine & Leonard DeLuca
The Dennehy Family
Margaret Dowd
Michael Doyle
Katherine & John Drummond
The Eddy Family
Peter Eurich
In loving memory of Angelina & Michael Filak / Bruce Filak
In memory of Dorothy & Harold Fitzgibbon / Mary Ann Fitzgibbon
Mary A. Flannery
In loving memory of Madeleine Galea / Meg Galea & Jon Salony
Donald Giordano
Patricia Grant
Sam, Karen & Travis Guzzardo
Lee Halligan
In loving memory of Wolfgang Herz & Gil Shiva
David & Patricia Hogan
Marilou & Russell Horn
Sarah W. Johnson
Kimberly Jovanovic
Jean Junker
Kathleen & Richard Kearns
Carol M. Kendrigan
Dennis Klejna
Anne Marie Kunz
Michael & Harriet Leahy
Barbara A. Lee
Loida Nicolas Lewis
In loving memory of Donald & Patricia Lough
In loving memory of Margaret & Frank Luciano / Mary Ann Luciano
The Lundy Family
In loving memory William & Gladys Lyman / Carol Lyman
Sheila Magerus
In loving memory of John Michael McAndrews / David & Patricia Rung
Maureen C. McCarthy
In loving memory of Virginia M. McCarthy / Tom & Nancy McCarthy
Mary Meyer
Patricia Meyer
Kathleen Murnion
In memory of James & Margaret Murray / Martin G. Murray
Dennis & Roseline Michael Neveling
Tony Oroszlany & Eileen Cooney Oroszlany
In loving memory of our parents / Susan & Rex Mixon
Elizabeth Parrilli
Stephen M. Pastores
Peggy Peschell
Cornelia & Lawrence Randolph
Kenneth Roman
In loving memory of the deceased members of the Scheuerman & Skarzynski families / James Skarzynski & Elizabeth Scheuerman
Edward Shiner
Jo-Una Spadafora
In loving memory of Virginia & William Trieste / Kristy & Matthew Trieste
Catherine Ursillo
Renate Vieth
Roberta M. Vrooman
William Wallace
In honor of Scott Warren / James MacGuire
Charlie & Vicki Whitelaw
Judith E. Williams
Sofia, Lucia, Vita & Teddy Zambetti

Fusco Commission Underwriters

Jane T. Campbell
Lucas del Rosario’s Eagle fundraising, Troop 662
Letty Moss-Salentijn

Gifts of $100 and above are listed.
We are also grateful for gifts received after May 12, 2023. Thank you to all!