May 28, 2023 Essay: Notes from Some of Our New Catholics…

May 17, 2023

The RCIA experience was unlike anything I have ever participated in; it allowed me to look inward and connect with my fellow Catechumens. It was both a spiritual and an educational journey for me to learn about Catholicism and build upon my relationship with God through the bible, sessions, and attending Sunday Mass with my RCIA group. I also gained valuable relationships with those involved in the St. Ignatius community. Ultimately, I am grateful that I was able to partake in such a beautiful journey, which I know will continue to impact every aspect of my life positively.  — Naomi Minato


My spiritual journey has finally put me on the right track to the Catholic Church! Some of it is thanks to my interest in history and theology, yes, but in a deeper sense, I found warmth in the Gospels, the teaching of Christ, and its uniqueness compared to other faiths. I’d also have to give credit to the late Pope Benedict XVI and his speeches, along with his beautiful writings, as they drew me closer to the Church. One of them is his Apostolic letter “Porta Fidei,” which brilliantly illustrates how we must feel it in our hearts while also having knowledge of faith. Doing so “opens a door into the fullness of the saving mystery revealed by God”. — Tayyab M


For the past ten years or so, I have been struggling with depression and anxiety. Having tried everything else, I resolved to investigate the Christian faith further. As I began to research Christianity, I found the most reasonable path to be the Catholic one.  I was recommended the St. Ignatius RCIA because of its reputation as being a rigorous program. What I found was a wonderful class full of like-minded individuals. Being able to participate fully in the liturgy gives me hope. When I have hope, I feel like all things are possible. — Anonymous


After being baptized, the shadow that lingered left me. My energy is light and alive. I move about with more freedom and fullness, with comfort and vulnerability. The divine shield that has protected me slackens so that I may enjoy God’s presence not only interiorly but externally as well. Light consumes all, and my courtship with Christ has ended in my Union with the church. — Courtney Loftin


Catholicism was something that was always a part of my life. Growing up in a Vietnamese community, I was baptized Catholic and attended church, but was never able to truly understand the Scripture passages. Thus, I was never able to connect spiritually. As I matured, I thought about my life as a future husband and father. I realized that my sense of spirituality was missing, and I needed to be in touch with my faith — not only to be the best version of myself but also the best version of myself to my family. I am truly grateful that I was able to find this church and was able to connect to my faith. My family and I have a faith community to attend for generations to come. — Jonathan Le


After being connected to Father Yesalonia by a family friend, who is a priest and officiated at my wedding, I was inspired to explore Catholicism further. Seeking to develop a closer relationship with God and unite my family, I pursued baptism and have found a deep sense of peace and purpose in my newfound faith. I’m grateful for the guidance and support of the RCIA and church community, and I look forward to continuing on my journey of faith with an open heart and mind. — Ken Chang