Ignatian Social Justice: Care of Creation and Climate Change

Sep 21, 2021

On Saturday, September 18, the Ignatian Social Justice Ministry (ISJ) hosted a children’s Care of Creation and Climate Change event in Wallace Hall. Children invited by the Little Sisters of the Assumption (LSA) and children from St. Ignatius Parish learned about climate change and pledged how they could help reduce their carbon footprint.

Melina Gonzales, from LSA, opened the event with an ice breaker and everyone said their name and favorite food. Dolores Troy-Quinn, from ISJ, followed with a brief synopsis of climate change that gave the children a good idea of how the Earth is rapidly warming.  She cleverly used a cloth and a ball to represent the atmosphere protecting the earth and keeping the hot rays of the sun away from us while keeping the planet warm. She also explained how pollution sends hot air to the edge of the atmosphere and then the atmosphere sends it right back down to us. Ouch!

Dolores asked who plastics hurt the most and one child answered fish. Most fish do eat the pieces of plastic in the ocean as they are grazing for food. The children were asked to think about what they can do to help reduce pollution and protect the earth. She ended with these words from Malala, “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.” Dolores impressed upon them to do a better job caring for the earth than we did.

The children drew pictures showing what they loved about nature, they decorated clay pots, filled them with soil, added water, and planted succulents. They pledged a specific small change in how they can lessen pollution. They wrote letters to President Biden and other legislators with their concerns about climate change and the earth.

The children had a good time and were very involved with all their projects.
When they finished the projects, Melina asked them what they learned, and some spoke about plastics in the ocean. They and their parents thanked ISJ for hosting them. Each child left with a plant, a snack bag, a book about climate change, and an invitation to see their artwork in our church. Their artwork will be displayed in the church for the Season of Creation until October 4.

We look forward to many other events with children from the Little Sisters of the Assumption.

– Laura de Boisblanc, Ignatian Social Justice

Photo Credit: Jean Santopatre