LGBT Catholics and Friends

LGBT Catholics and Friends

Meeting Times:

Third Thursday of the month, in the Parish Lounge, Parish House

COVID via Zoom:

Moderator: Ellen Stillwell: [email protected]
Moderator: Bruce Rameker: [email protected]

We are a group of LGBT parishioners and family and friends (and parents) of LGBT persons. We are a parish ministry of, by and for our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sisters and brothers in Christ and those who love and support them. Our ministry extends to, and embraces, the mission of the entire parish, our home.

During the first two months of lockdown, LGBT Catholics and Friends continued to meet, initially over Zoom, then once the lockdown eased, at picnics in Central Park. These enabled our members to support each other.

Each year our ministry hosts events that aim to foster mutual respect, compassion and sensitivity between our parish and the wider community on LGBT issues through education and dialogue. We jointly host events with other ministries at St. Ignatius Loyola that aims to bring together the parish community including retreats and the Amazing Race.

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